Wednesday, July 5, 2017

                      DO YOU HEAR HIS VOICE?

Yesterday morning I felt the 'pull 'to go and be alone with the LORD JESUS.  So, I decided to take a 'prayer' walk at a nearby park.  When I started driving the winding, country roads, I noticed that there were no other vehicles anywhere.  It was still early morning and everyone was still at home enjoying their July 4th holiday.  Everything just seemed so still and quiet---no noise or distractions--just a beautiful countryside!.  Normally, I would have put on some Christian music, but instead I just sang and prayed. 

 When I got to the park, it was empty--not one car in the parking lot.  Wow, I thought, just me and the LORD!  While walking, I felt HIS peace and presence with me.  It was the first time in a long time that this has happened.  I wanted to savor the moment, knowing that this would soon be a fading memory as I return to my busy life.  

On the way home, again, I just opened the windows and just 'rested' in our time together.  It was so quiet and peaceful.  Then, in my spirit I heard the LORD impart to me a message:

I heard:  'why don't MY people hear me as they should? 

THEN, I heard it was because of two things:

1)  Because we are so  to 'addicted' to noise through electronic devices that we don't spend enough time with HIM-- alone, without the noise and clutter of our lives. 

2)  Because we spend more time with everything else than with JESUS.  We don't spend quality time with HIM-- we just 'grab' a few minutes here and a few minutes there.  Many 'other things or people' fill up our moments.

 Then I heard this verse in my spirit:

"You will find me when you seek me with ALL OF YOUR HEART." (Jeremiah 29:13)

Wow! This was such a good reminder from the HOLY SPIRIT, that I will hear from HIM when I am seeking HIM with all of my being! We need to spend more time with the LORD than anything else in our lives, IF we want to hear HIS voice.

This was truly a blessed and encouraging day!!

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